Louise Crosbie


Louise teaches three crafts here at Wendy’s Workshop.  Crochet, Embroidery and Applique.
 I have dabbled in most crafts over the years since my mother taught me to sew at age 4. However crochet was the one that eluded me until 2005, when I decided to try one last time, before admitting defeat and moving on. After six previous failed attempts, luck smiled upon me, something clicked and suddenly I could understand the strange symbols and abbreviations on the charts and patterns. I have since set up an etsy shop selling my bespoke cushion covers and soft furnishings and another selling my embellished accessories. And yet there is still so much to learn in the world of crochet. Recently I started doing freestyle crochet to create artwork, working with the strangest of yarns including cassette tape ribbon, parcel string, strips of fabric, and even dental floss!!
I have a very relaxed teaching style in my  workshops because I know how difficult learning a new skill can be. We practise the stitches over and over until everyone feels confident. Questions and interaction are essential. Left-handers are most welcome as I have taught many lefties, including my daughter.
Future plans include a monthly crochet club for those who would like to continue after learning the basics. Perhaps a ‘Block of the Month’ club or working on a common project like a baby blanket during the winter months. Please feel encouraged to bring a friend along and learn a new skill to practice together.