Pottery Painting, and how it works

How Pottery Painting Works

When you arrive a member of staff will greet you.   (please bear with us if it is very busy) You then choose what item(s) you wish to paint from the shelf. There is a price written on the bottom of all unpainted bisque and that price includes all paints, glazing and firing, (we do not charge an additional studio fee) so it is the complete amount you will pay for that piece.  A staff member will come over once you are seated and explain what you need to do and give some painting tips to achieve the best results. You are welcome to use as many colours as you need and we have no session time limits in the main room, but please note you are not allowed to eat food in the front of the shop, as it adversely affects how your piece comes out.  We do however serve coffees and teas as well as cold drinks.  You are more than welcome to stay as long as you wish to create your perfect individual item.  There are also painting tips left in a display stand on the table for your convenience.

Once you have completed your work of art we will write up your receipt detailing all the items you have painted plus any drinks purchased. The receipt will state when your item(s) will be ready.  This is generally 5 days later, so for example, if you paint on a Saturday afternoon your item would be ready for collection from open of business on the following Thursday.

When you come to collect your item we will show it to you,  then wrap it in tissue paper to protect it for its journey home.