Year 5

Year 5      

11+ tutoring is specifically aimed at preparing your child for selective grammar school entrance exams.  Having said that almost all parents find their child’s mental processing skills improve which helps with their academic skills overall.  Many State non selective secondary schools are also using Verbal and Non Verbal (VR and NVR) tests as part of their streaming process in year 7 so these skills are important whether selective education is your ultimate aim or not.

The vast majority of children will never have encountered VR/NVR questions at school.  These are not skills that are taught as part of the National Curriculum.  No matter how naturally bright or gifted a child may be it would be very rare these days to pass VR/NVR at the hugely competitive selective schools with no preparation and familiarisation.

Our sessions start in the October of Year 5, a year before the tests will be taken at the start of Year 6.  We follow the term time schedule of Kingston Upon Thames LEA.

The year 5 sessions have a structured schedule that takes the children from learning all the new Verbal Reasoning  and Non Verbal Reasoning skills to working on speed and test techniques while also keeping Maths and English sharp

We only tutor in small groups of no more than 7 in year 5, the sessions last 90 minutes and the children receive homework to be completed before the next session.

Wendy’s background is in early years education, as well as corporate training.  She was lucky enough to be trained by the infamous Mary Walsh, who is a legend in this area.  She makes the sessions fun and all the children adore her!

Any questions regarding 11+ tutoring or schools in our area, please call the shop and speak to Nicky. Alternatively you can email her at: